PVC Anesthesia Masks With Ultra Soft Cushion

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Enhance Patient Comfort and Safety with Xiamen Winner Disposable PVC Anesthesia Masks With Ultra Soft Cushion. Designed to provide exceptional patient comfort and safety during anesthesia procedures. These masks are thoughtfully crafted with high-quality materials and an ultra-soft cushion to ensure a secure fit, ease of use, and optimal patient care.
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    TW83700, TW8370-TW83

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    T/T 30% and balance before shipment

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  • Color:

    Blue and Transparent

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    Xiamen, Shanghai, any port in China

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    depends on the mode of transportation.

TW8374 Winner PVC Anesthesia Masks With Ultra Soft Cushion


1. Superior Patient Comfort

Our PVC Anesthesia Masks feature an ultra-soft cushion that conforms to the patient’s facial contours, eliminating pressure points and discomfort. The softness of the cushion ensures a gentle touch against the skin, allowing patients to remain at ease during extended procedures.

2. Secure and Leak-Free Fit
Each mask is designed with precision to achieve a secure and leak-free fit, preventing any unwanted anesthetic gas leakage during the surgery. The secure fit enhances the efficacy of anesthesia delivery and reduces wastage, making it a reliable choice for medical professionals.

3. Transparent Design for Easy Monitoring
The masks boast a transparent design that enables healthcare providers to monitor the patient’s face easily. This feature allows for continuous observation of color changes, ensuring rapid detection of any potential complications.

4. Latex-Free and Hypoallergenic
Our PVC Anesthesia Masks are manufactured without latex to accommodate patients with latex sensitivities. The hypoallergenic properties of the masks make them suitable for a wide range of patients, minimizing the risk of allergic reactions.

5. Multiple Size Options

We offer a variety of sizes, ensuring a perfect fit for patients of all ages and facial structures. Whether it’s for pediatric use or adult patients, our masks guarantee a snug fit for efficient anesthesia administration.

Available sizes:

TW83700 00# – Neonate

TW8370 0#- Neonate

TW8371 1#- Infant

TW8372 2#- Pediatric

TW8373 3#- Adult Small

TW8374 4#- Adult Medium

TW8375 5#- Adult Large

6. Compliant with Industry Standards

Our PVC Anesthesia Masks comply with strict industry standards, ensuring they meet the necessary safety and quality requirements. Trust in a product that is recommended and used by healthcare professionals worldwide.

Certifications: CE/ISO


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    PVC Anesthesia Masks With Ultra Soft Cushion

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