CPR One Way Valve Clamshell Mask

Medical Mask

CPR pocket mask, one way valve first aid rescue mask, packed in portable pocket with CE/FDA certification.

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CPR one way valve clamshell mask

A pocket mask, or mouth to mouth rescue mask or CPR resuscitation mask, is a mask used to deliver rescue breaths during cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

Product Description

Foldable cushion mask with oxygen port, one-way valve with filter and elastic head strap

Available accessory: alcohol pad, pvc glove

Colorful case with string

Optional colors for case: red/white/yellow/orange/green/blue/custom colors


Size: adult


Dimensions: (128mm x 101mm x 85mm)

Inspiratory resistance: <5 cmH2O

Expiratory resistance:<5 cmH2O

Operation Temperature: -18℃~ 40℃

Storage Temperature: -30℃ ~ 50℃

Storage relative humidity: <85%


· Latex & Phthalates free

Steps to Save Life using CPR Resuscitation Mask

A. Put on the protective gloves if available. Unfold mask and check that filter of mask is firmly in place.

B. For adult and pediatric: Place rim of the mask between lower lip and chin. Position “nose” over nose.

C. For Infant: Reverse mask direction, so nose area is under the chin.

D. Seal as illustrated and blow slowly into one-way valve until chest rises.

E. Remove mouth. Allow patient to exhale. Repeat as CPR guidelines.

(Note: If patient vomits, remove mask and clear patient’s airway.)

F. Use with oxygen( if necessary): Attach the oxygen tubing to the optional oxygen port(1) and set the flow rate. If the patient is spontaneously breathing, use the head strap to position the Mask on the patient’s face. If the patient is NOT breathing, begin mouth to mask ventilation immediately.

Our Services

Customized label, white-black or colorful printing

Silk printing custom info on case directly with MOQ

Packaging & Shipping

Each case includes one CPR mask with/without accessory of alcohol pad/PVC glove

60pcs/carton, carton size 45X36X31cm, 10KGS/carton

Sea/air shipment, domestic delivery available

Application Field

First aid, emergency, medical training lesson


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    CPR One Way Valve Clamshell Mask

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